'The Hive Collective is a group of eco-artists whose mission is to create visual and performing arts spaces that celebrate and bring awareness to the relationship between nature and humanity. Our inaugural project began from a desire to create a space where nature, humanity, and art may exist in unison. Drawing inspiration from the hexagonal shape of the honeycomb, as well as the communal buzz of the bee, we have developed The Hive: a hexagonal shaped art space and pollinator garden. The Hive is roughly 24’ in diameter and created entirely of found wood from Astral Valley. Within the space, recycled tires and tree stumps will be used to create seating & even a performer or speaker stage. The project will provide a peaceful place to mediate, & a safe, welcoming environment, where those attending Cosmic Reunion or any events at Astral Valley after can learn, create, and feel unified with Mother Earth.'

Chelsea Burdge & Gregory Cuellar (French Village, MO. 2016)